A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Wicked's Endless Bullet Hell , is a never ending bullet hell game where the objective is to get as high of a score as possible by destroying enemy ships as fast as possible in order to build a combo while effectively using the shield mechanic and dodging enemy bullets.

- 3 Enemy Types with differing Speeds of shooting and AI changes based on the difficulty selected
- Combo system which scales with difficulty
- Shield System , which also changes and alters depending on the difficulty selected
- Endless waves of enemies!
- Full Controller Support! (Although you may have to change keybindings for controllers other then a standard Xbox 360 Controller)
- Traditional Bullet hell rules (One shot death, small hitbox in the center of the ship)

And More to come!

If you have any suggestions for future updates or you feel something should be changed leave a comment or message me and I will consider your suggestions,

Thanks for viewing / downloading the game!
-Jason Attwood aka Wicked

Install instructions

Installation is pretty simple:

To start once you have downloaded the zip for your OS (Windows , Mac or Linux) Extract the ZIP to the place you would like to run the game from it doesn't matter where this is.

Once extracted open the folder and just run the program , no install is required!

If any issues or error messages arise give me a message and I will be sure to help you fix it


WEBH V1.1 Win 26 MB
WEBH V1.1 Mac 35 MB
WEBH V1.1 Linux 37 MB
WEB 1.2.1.zip 27 MB